* Ideal where surface requires slide/scrape
* Lubricity factor equal to Teflon®
* High abrasion resistance
       - 6 time more abrasion resistant than steel
* Protects against impact, friction and corrosion
* Performs well in cryogenic environments
* Resist chemical and stress cracking
* Sound dampening
* Lightweight

Anti-Static UHMW

* One time installation
* Requires virtually no maintenance
* Extremely high impact strength
* Eliminate osmosis, and will not blister
* Will not chip, peel or rot
* Life expectancy for 15-25 years

* Contains no toxins, free of tributyltin - (TBT)
* Contains no volatile organic compounds - (VOC)
* FDA approved, safe for food contact

* 1/4" VersaPoly® weighs 1.625 pounds per square foot
* 1/2" VersaPoly® weighs 2.1 pounds for square foot
* Near neutral buoyancy - Specific gravity 0.93-0.98
* Proven to tolerance temperatures from -40º to 300º F
* Auto-ignition temperature of 660º F (350ºC)


VersaPoly® Performance

VersaPoly® Endurnace

VersaPoly® Environmentally Friendly

VersaPoly® Application

VersaPoly® Specification

Natural UHMW

* Adheres to stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and concrete
* Can be thermo-formed to conform to unusual shapes
* Contains a UV inhibitor
* Available in multiple colors
* Removable by sandblasting, pneumatic hammer and router