LinkTech gravity fall, UHMW* metal detectors are the highest quality, most durable, long-lasting metal detection thru-put tubes, hoppers and chutes components available. UHMW is a non-stick material similar to PTFE / Teflon, with better wear and impact characteristics than steel.   *UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)

Natural UHMW Funnels
  • LinkTech's UHMW Metal Detectors will greatly reduce forced outages due to product build-up.
  • UHMW Metal Detectors chutes reduce cleanup time, and sanitation of equipment... increasing production, and reducing cost.
  • UHMW has proven to be the best material for handling STICKY applications, such as Sugar coatings, glycerinated fruit, and product fines.
  • UHMW comes in a variety of colors and food grade formulations; virgin white, and black static dissipating.
  • UHMW Metal Detectors thru-put chutes are generally one-third to one-half the weight of a stainless steel unit, making them ergonomically desirable.