Diamond Pattern Funnels

Natural UHMW

LinkTech has solved product flow problems for over 20 years, and have saved food packaging and processing companies millions of dollars by replacing Stainless Steel equipment with equipment constructed using "food-grade" UHMW.
LinkTech has recently introduced Plexiglass funnels.


Funnels with Guides

Transistional Funnels

• UHMW has been determined the best material for handling STICKY applications, such as sugar coatings, glycerinated fruit, and product fines.
• UHMW is a non-stick material similar to PTFE / Teflon, with better wear characteristics than steel.

• LinkTech's UHMW replacement equipment will greatly reduce, and sometimes eliminate, forced outages due to product build-up.

• LinkTech's UHMW replacement equipment reduces the time needed for cleanup and sanitation of equipment, increasing production, and reducing cost.

• UHMW comes in a variety of colors and food grade formulations; virgin white, and black static dissipating.

• UHMW pipes, hoppers, drums and vibratory equipment are generally one-third to one-half the weight of a stainless steel unit.

Plexiglass Funnels