LinkTech fabricates UHMW Blenders and Mixers can be used as a drop-in insert or bonded to directly to existing stainless steel equipment. We can also construct “freestanding” Blenders and Mixers with our patented composite VersaPoly®.


  When batching & mixing food products before extruding and puffing, blenders and mixers can require frequent cleaning or even change-out. Forced outages due to a build-up of sticky food products can require several man-hours for cleaning and sanitization. To keep production lines running efficiently, build up on stainless steel equipment can require cleaning up every 3 to 8 hours. Forced outages also result in thousands of pounds of production loss, and increased clean up cost. With LinkTech’s VersaPoly® insert, cleaning/changeover may not be necessary for an entire production cycle of up to 12 days.


  LinkTech produces equipment is constructed with UHMW to match your needs: High-Temperature, and Anti-microbial.